From a young age, Beverly had very clear ideas about style and quality.  When she couldn’t find the clothes she dreamed of, she made them herself, creating a personal collection of unique clothes, using beautiful fabrics with clever and simple cuts.

Beverly comes from a long line of designers and makers.  She grew up watching her mother make clothes for herself, her children and friends.  Her mother, who trained at the London School of Fashion, was her first teacher, passing on her skills and pride in the quality of workmanship.  Her grandmother was a master embroiderer and her aunts wove baskets, made beautiful ceramics and exquisite beadwork.  Tatting, embroidery, weaving, patchwork, knitting, crochet and tapestry are just some of the traditional crafts handed down through Beverly’s maternal line through the generations and are daily sources of inspiration to her.



Beverly’s passion for effortless elegance, pure lines and contemporary chic drove her to open her design studio in France in 1992.  Her clothes are made from the finest upcycled fabrics. All pieces are meticulously hand finished, with the craftsperson’s careful attention to detail.  She brings out two collections a year that are showcased here on the website and her daily fashion journey is online on her Facebook and Instagram pages.  Beverly's collection is also proof that upcycling is chic.  Her fabrics are all remainders of unsold stock, thus ensuring that it doesn't end up in landfill, but is given a new life.



Her second, but not lesser love, is her affair with South African design. The first time Beverly visited South Africa was a defining moment in her life. On her first trip in 2009 she was stunned by the fantastic range of jewellery design.  Her next step was clear: to create her own contemporary jewellery brand of her favourite pieces, chosen to complement her clothing collections.  ADORNjewellery was an immediate success. 

She bases herself in Cape Town each winter, where she not only selects from existing ranges but works with the designers and groups, developing ideas, to create her own personal and eye-catching collection of handmade designer jewellery, with the accent on up- and recycled products from ethical and sustainable businesses. She is also now designing her own range working with talented local crafters, and thus contributing to the wealth of innovative design in South Africa.


In March 2017, Beverly launched a homeware range, showcasing, of course, her unique selection of South African ethical design.  She regularly visits rural basket weaving groups in South Africa, accompanying her host, Binky Newman of Design Afrika, and has learnt to appreciate the extraordinary skill that is needed to make these beautiful baskets, using ancient techniques handed down from mother to daughter (and occasionally father to son).


Beverly is committed to ecological and economic sustainability, promoting  women's groups in the townships as well as rural groups.  She has established a solid and loyal network of designers and has fast earned a reputation for a sharp eye for great design. 

Her physical store, La Trésorerie, is in one of France's most beautiful villages, Lagrasse.  Her online stores are an extension of her lifestyle business, giving clothing and jewellery lovers around the world the opportunity to possess these wonderful pieces.